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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  April 19, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. >> mike: the top ip income tax bracket, the president proposed rising that by 5% and jumping from medicare 2.9 p-ers to 3.9% and doesn't end there. those earning over a million dollars will be slapped with 5.4% sur tax, bringing the grand total for top earners to 53%, that's up from 42% under current law and by the way, that does not include your state income tax, property tax or sales tax. now, this is the type of change that president obama is bringing to america and this is what is at stake in november. all of this information, and much more can be found in part one of a brand new book it's 2010, take back america, a battle plan, the stakes, the targets, the strategy and what you can do, joining me now is the author of this brand new book, the one and only dick morris. welcome to hannity, by the way
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i'd shake your hand-- >> the elbow bump because i don't want to get sick. >> you've got to be really-- first of all, i love, i love the book. i love it and it is a -- you get into some great detail here, great strategies here and i want to start at the beginning. this is important, af got to start to make the case, barack obama is ruining america, he's destroying everything that makes us great. the two stories on drugs today, white house sign czar, u.s. can't expect to be number one in science and technology forever. we've got another picture, another president bowing before here another world leader, dick, and saying in another piece, rogin puts it in his piece today that, you know, talking about america, you know, he was comparing us to, you know, a third world dictatorship, for crying out loud. >> in your tax segment that you-- you talk about the tax increases
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he's raising. >> yeah. >> if obama's tax plans pass, the ones' now got on the table, the united states will go from 27th in the list of 30 countries in tax level to fourth. we will be exceeded only by belgium, holland, and finland. >> in your book. >> in your book. in the tax rate, but the point you made about the science thing we have a chapter in here, pessimism is the bodyguard of socialism. in other words, whenever they're proposing socialism, they say, oh, well, you won't get to see doctors, but you wouldn't see them anyway, the day of lots of doctors is over, they'll be all unemployment, but it's because we're in an era of permanent unemployment and they use pessimism to defend their outcomes. >> it's funny, because we've been attacked, those of us, and i did an interview recently, i was attacked for saying he's a socialist, he is a socialist. while that's simplistic. when 50% of the american people,
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households in america don't pay taxes anymore. >> that's right. >> and if our tax rate's going to go from what, 43 to 50-some odd percent, doesn't it include your state income tax or sales tax we're up to net 70% of what some people will make in new york and new jersey. >> we are. >> and one of the basic themes of the first part of this book, the stakes, which we'll talk about in a second, is that we haven't seen nothing yet. the permanent outcomes that will eventually of if obama's plans pass, is staggering. high-- in 2008. the united states ranked fifth behind france, germany, italy and britain in taxes of those main countries. now, it ranks for unemployment, i'm sorry. >> unemployment. >> yeah, now it ranks first among those five countries in unemployment. so, the u.s. is going to have a
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permanently high unemployment rate, give obama three more years. >> you go into this in great specificity. i wanted to go back to the basics first and then want you to get more specific because what you're saying is that this vote in november, what you say is the single most important thing you will do, this is a critical turning point in america's history, free enterprise, you write hangs in the balance. >> my wife wrote that line. voting will be the single most important thing you do in the whole year of 2010. >> yeah, well, it's interesting and i don't want to jump to the end of the book, you make a strong case what people can do and it's different than past years. >> let's cover that more. >> and go ahead. >> the first thing, it's a permanent unemployment. the second thing is we're used to the concept of inflation, but not inflation that's caused by the government deliberately because it's the only way to pay down the debts. >> you say there's no way, what you say is obama has dug us so
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deeply into debt there's only one way out and you say it's inflation. >> the other way is tax cuts, but he's not about to do that. but look at the stat. these are tables i took out of the book. on september 10th, 2008, the money supply was 875 billion, on december 2nd, '09, it was 2.1 trillion. you can't have an increase like that without unbelievable inflation. and then there's the issue of the deficit. in 2008, the deficit was 3.2% of our gdp and now it's 12.9 percent of our gdp. in one year went from 4% to 12% of our economy. what that, right now we're getting the deficit at a bargain basement rate. we're like the subprime borrowers because we're printing our own money so we can borrow it bk and just pay 3%. >> and china is buying up our debt. >> not yet china. what's going on now is they're going to a bank and saying, hey, sean, do you have any
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mortgage-backed securities in your vault? and you say, mortgage-backed securities, i'm wall papering with it. >> can i pay you a hundred million and get your securities? of course, here it is. >> and the treasury says henry do you have a hundred million you can len me, yes, some moron gave me 100 million what that means is they have to start paying china 11 percent interest. what that means is out of the $4 trillion federal budget 1 trillion of it, a quarter of it will have to go to pay the interest on the debt. the total take of the personal income tax in the united states of all 300 million combined is 900 billion. we will pay 1 trillion just in debt service. we are like the double that has to sign their paycheck over to the mortgage company. >> we have only touched on some of the economic issues and a lot of which we discussed on a
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regular basis. we have a picture up on the drudge report now of the president bowing to another world leader a white house czar, america can't expect to be number one. we have the video there he bows again. last week the president said of america was hit with a crippling attack we won't respond with nuclear weapons. he said al qaeda wants nuclear weapons and they would use them but here is a terrorist state iran is acquiring nuclear weapons they -- he said they have a right to nuclear technology. i don't think he is making sense of his own policy. >> i think he absolutely is not. >> the amazing thing about what's going on now with the country economically is that the spending and the borrowing are causing the unemployment. they are not curing it. it's like in the middle ages when they would bleed a patient to get rid of the evil spirits and if the son of a gun wouldn't
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recover they would bleed them some more. our borrowing is elbowing the side of the whole private sector. government borrowing is up 40 percent, mortgages are down 24, car loans down 33, student loans down 40 percent the money isn't being lent out to anybody but the government. as a result there's no economic growth. >> we have to take a break. when we come back we are going to do something special. we are going to talk about the stakes of the 2010 election. up next we are going to reveal the targets. the vulnerable democrats that you could help kick out of office when we come back dick morris will do that ann coulter much more coming up straight ahead. >> and to see the latest video clips from tonight's "hannity when you are on the go go to and click on hannity ffff
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>> we know the stakes of the november election are huge for the gop and the country. which races will decide the outcome the republicans need to pick up 10 seats in the u.s. senate to gain control of that body. is it possible? take a look at this map. the retirements of ted kauffman and byron drogan made them almost certain gop pickups. important prospects are bright in arkansas where blanch lincoln doomed herself by voting for the
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healthcare bill. nevada reid's days are numbered and colorado and california they are up for grabs. in illinois, wisconsin maybe take down barbara boxer struggling in california or arlon spector in pennsylvania the senate will be back in gop hands. tell me why they are a sea of vulnerable democrats and republicans need to pick up 30 to take back control. to put things in perspective the gop picked up 54 seats in 1994 so it can be done. dick morris says these are the 37 democrats that the gop should defeat in november. this includes several democrats who nay made themselves vulnera by voting for the government takeover. this is in the book just out tomorrow "2010 take america back." let's go through the senate quickly. >> you have four open seats
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which win. you have north dakota and illinois and kirk is now 5 or 6 ahead of gianapolis mired in a scandal with the family bank. he's straight treasurer and his family owns a bank that's going bust and he's involved in that. >> you have four incumbents the walking dead. spector in pennsylvania 8 points behind. reed in nevada behind all three. ben not in colorado who norton is going to defeat probably. that's 8 seats. we need 10. the 9th seat would be boxer in california where important news just out. >> obama is going there. >> campbell the former congressman is only two points behind boxer. the arena 6 behind boxer. either one could take her. that's nine. that happens by one seat.
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gi gilibrand in new york, fine gold in wisconsin. >> tommy thompson runs -- >> if tommy runs that's good. i am not sure that he will. >> what we do in this book is we give you all of the dirt on these incumbents. we go through every one of harry reid's figures. all four members of his family all four sons are or were lobbyists. we go through how the casino industry supports him. we go through how he once built a bridge not to nowhere but on his own property with federal money. we talk about what this guy has done. then we get to gildebrant senator of new york. hee served for one year as deputy council at the time. you know subprime mortgages her job was to get new products launched and that meant subprime
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loans to the poor. she leaves washington goes into private practice and in 2005 and 2006 she and her husband do a lot of trading in the market. they shorted subprime mortgages. they shorted countrywide. >> how come we haven't heard this. >> the companies she set up in the subprime were shorted and made 40,000 bucks profit on doing that. >> by the way she also distinguished herself by send -- spending her legal career hiding the documents that proved the ceo's were permitting purge jury. >> if you think massachusetts is a shock who would you like to see run on the republican side? >> ls lazio for governor blakem is good-bye and de gua diagardi. washington state you want deena rosi the former governor candidate to run.
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>> we mentioned lazio with levy flipping to democrat it might be a deal -- did you hear that? >> that would be interesting. >> in the house. >> the key thing is this. dick, my web site we have a new program we will be announcing it in the next couple weeks, adopt a democrat. want everyone to pick a democratic congressman who they love and we have a whole list of the ones vulnerable and adopt them and contribute money to his or her defeat. every penny you give will go right on the air attacking the democrat who you adopt. this way we can get wealthy people in georgia to focus on them or south carolina to focus on -- >> they can get involved -- if they are for example seated -- >> go to the next one. i was talking saying why don't
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you adopt mike ross southern arkansas. he voted against healthcare on the floor when it didn't count but for it in committee to get it on the floor when it did. >> new book out tomorrow. >> out tomorrow. >> we will be on tour together. see you there. lots more "hannity" coming up straight ahead. >> i will move quickly to name a nominee as i did with justice sotomayor. >> the battle over the next supreme court nominee heating up will he play it safe or make a radical mover. >> i hope they will debate and confirm my mom knee. >> a shocking new poll shows americans don't think much of the anointed one. mitt romney is on top of the poll will he be the nominee in 2012. all of that plus dr. james dobson is here with
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>> so the battle is already raging over who the president will appoint to the u.s. supreme court to replace john paul stevens who announced his retirement on friday. the president narrowed his choices down to a short list of 10 people. he is consulting that list right now it is said to include former
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law school dean elana kagan, maryland garland he could circuit court of appeals wood, and homeland security secretary janet napolitano and abc reporting the chief justice of the georgia supreme court lia ward sears is also on the list and earlier today orrin hatch one of the top republicans on senate judiciary throughout another name. >> i even heard the name hillary clinton today. that would be an interesting person in the mix. i like hillary clinton. she has done a good job for the democrat secretary of state's position. >> the president will keep her secretary of state but will he keep his word? hearing the reaction is new york times best seller of the latest book guilty the one and only ann coulter. how are you? >> fine thank.
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how are you? >> good to see you. >> this is what we know about barack obama everything he does is radical. >> good luck at the republicans trying to tune it down to somebody who isn't mad. the difference between a radical appoint me and conservative appoint tee is like being thrown from the 13th floor. they are going to vote for abortion ban the ten commandments and voting in favor of race preferences. it kind of doesn't matter. one thing i think is important is republicans seem not to realize at least elected republicans is a huge court battle for republicans. the democrats need the court to regular slate for them is their ideas are heinous. this is always good to have a fight over the courts. i agree with you whether you win or lose. here's the problem. i think the house republicans get it. they are really good strong
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solid conservatives. there are some guys ticking me off in the senate that republicans they are saying well maybe we don't have to repeal healthcare. yes, you have to repeal healthcare. i am wondering if they want to get along? i like orrin hatch i don't want him voting for clinton for supreme court. she will vote exactly the way you described. >> they usually throw out names. it won't be hillary clinton. >> it won't be clinton. sotomayor race gender superiority didn't stop her nomination. >> with lindsey graham voting for her. you are right. those hearings were very helpful for republicans to find out she talked about the wise latino and she had that ruling against the white fireman who should have become a fireman. these issues are good for republicans. this is why they use the courts. gay marriage every time it is
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put to a vote it loses in huge majorities in california, in oregon. how do they get it through? they get it through with the court. the more you talk about what the courts are doing and what is at stake it will be good for republicans overall and in november because the discussion will be this summer. >> it will continue the narrative which i think the country is waking up to the fact this president is a radical. i have to ask you this -- >> all democrats are. the difference between a radical and nonradical doesn't make a difference on the court. >> blue dog lap dog they will go along. that's what we are watching closely. you go to canada. >> you heard. >> i heard. what happened? >> took the place by storm. one more week there i could have gotten them to repeal socialist healthcare. i got the 3 western providences. >> you have to explain to the people who don't -- maybe the few who haven't read about it. >> you go to give a speech. >> they don't have a second amendment in canada and they get a little ramney. >> i was giving speeches and the
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university of ottawa sent me a letter before i set foot in canada threatening to prosecute me for a speech i hadn't given yet expecting it to be a hate speech. he described it was heart of the canadian human rights law. he was accusing me of hate speech on the basis of my associations i am a conservative. we will be filing that complaint in the next week or so. >> you were slammed in parliament and attacked by everybody. >> i was on my bucket list. >> that was on your bucket list. >> attacked on the floor of the house. >> you weren't able to give your speech because there were so many people protesting. >> it happened to be at the one school who i received a letter which i think makes a strong case before the human rights commission. the same human rights commission that spent a year investigating the conservative writer mike stein for an excerpts of best selling book in maclaines magazine. the human rights mission is to harass conservatives.
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my point is going to win and the provost will be going to sensitivity training to learn how to treat conservatives or they are going to expose the human rights commission as the fraud and scam that it is. >> how do you feel if el -- this election is going. we haven't talked politics a lot. >> you have to have me back more. >> you have been traveling. >> that's why i am sick. >> you and i both. the question here is, if we don't lose his midterms, we had dick morris on. if we don't get the midterms back i say irreparable harm this congress is doing to the united states. i think it is one of the most crucial elections of a lifetime. how do we win? >> i am thinking about different things i want to say. one is don't get your hopes up too much. one of the tricks liberal poles by creating raised expectations. i don't think we will take the senate because of who hpe


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